Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!


Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!

Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!

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Game Summary

1 month ago by Karim Amellal

CARO 0 - Harbor Beach 8 (0-4, 0-4)

Game Date
Sep 16, 2021

The Caro Tigers were visiting the Harbor Beach headquarters for their second face off after losing the first game 1-2 at home.

First half started with the host team taking control thanks to the same talented players (#7 and #10). The coach assigned two players to tightly mark those two players but that strategy was disrupted by two own goals by Sophomore and right defender Landon Hood and Junior and left defender Ethan Fellows, both surprising the Caro Goalie with headed balls while trying to clear it.

If it wasn't enough, another unmarked Harbor Beach player was able to shoot at close range to make it 3-0. First half ended with another goal added to the score board to retrieve for intermission with 0-4 score in favor of the hosts.

Second half started with the Tigers pressing and came close to score but without any outcome. The talented Harbor Beach team added 4 goals with only 27:04 left which ended the game as a mercy for the hosts.

Worth noting was the Caro goalie and Sophomore Logan McGarry who made two amazing saves at close range shots and was able to make a total of 13 saves to minimize the damage.

Obviously, the two goals scored on our own goal affected psychologically the Caro players as they were never able to compete against this team and didn't play as a cohesive team.

Lots to learn from this game as the first game and this one didn't look alike in the scoreboard and on the field.

Next game will be at home on Tuesday September 21st hosting the team from Bad Axe at 5:30 pm.