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Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!


Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!

Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

4 months ago by KARIM AMELLAL

CARO 2 - Oscoda 2 (2-2; 0-0)

Game Date
Sep 26, 2020


The Tigers were hosting the squad from Oscoda on this special Saturday edition.

First half started with the hosts dominating in all aspects of the game as they were eager to play a better game today. In fact, the players from Caro seemed to control the game and threatening the Oscoda dangerous zone very often. The hosts were rewarded when Freshman and right midfielder Owen Vandermark crossed the ball towards Senior, Captain and center forward Aaron Pierce who smartly back kicked the ball past the Oscoda goalie to reach the back of the net. With a 1-0, the Caro team gained confidence and started to control the game and set the tone. Unfortunately, for some defensive Tigers players, it meant relaxing and leaving the dangerous player past him and take a shot to tie it 1-1 to beat the newly assigned goalie and freshman Greysen Chalpelo who has no chance to stop that accurate shot on the bottom right corner. Another gift which made the coach unhappy since one of his instructions was not to give them simple gifts to come back to their game. It was not the case. Now the visitors found a crack in the Caro defense and tried to capitalize on those mistakes they kept making. After line rearrangement by the coaching staff, the Tigers seem to gain momentum again to strike again for the second time. A beautiful cross from Senior and Captain Pierce found right winger and Sophomore Brady Rigg who without hesitation delivered an amazing shot to beat their goalie once again to lead the game by 2-1. Now, the Oscoda squad felt the agony as they didn't expect the outcome at that point by trailing by 1 goal. The Tigers controlled the game with some triangular passes and came close to add 2 more goals missed by the Caro forward players lacking some finishing touches and control. Unfortunately, as usual, the Tigers relaxed one more time by letting one of the Oscoda players unmarked and was able to take his time to take a shot towards Chapelo who got surprised by the accurate shot and couldn't stop the ball. Now the game was tied at 2-2. The coach could not believe the outcome as the Tigers has two chances to lead the game and control the outcome. One consolation in this first half for the coach is that the team played a decent game so far as the end of the first half was announced by the officials.

The coach's speech was not pleasant as frustration among the players could be seen in their faces. When are we going to learn not to give the opponents gifts and chances to come back in the game? Positive comments were made by the coaching staff including some smart play combination to trick their defense and some sprints to crash to their goalie which needed improvement. The instructions were clear: "Do not to allow them to score and take the lead and stick to your game strategy!"

Fair enough, second half started with the visitors anxious to take over and dominate. In fact, one play was almost costly in defense if it weren't for the diligence of Sophomore and left defender Ethan Fellows who literally saved a goal by clearing the ball right at the goal line. In another occasion upon a threat by the Oscoda offensive squad, a forward player dangerously approached after a sprint to the Caro zone when goalie Chapelo stepped out for a challenge and dived to secure the ball sending the opponent flying in the air. That was one of the various saving moments that Chapelo distinguished himself from other goalies in the past. The Tigers came close to take the lead at various occasions but in vain. The final 2-2 tied verdict was announced by the referees.

The MVP award was presented to Freshman and goalie Greysen Chapelo who made many saves and kept his team in the game and limit the damage by earning a tie to his team. Chapelo has great potential as the coach waited until today to try him out as a freshman and stepped up to his expectations.

Next away game will in Marlette at 7:00 pm under the lights in the football field on Monday, September 28.
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