Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!


Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!

Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!

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Game Summary

1 month ago

Girls Varsity Swimming vs. Lapeer HS School

Game Date
Sep 9, 2021


Thursday night the Caro Tigers were hosted by the Lapeer Lightning.

The Tigers took the lead early and held on for the rest of the swim meet, winning 117 to 70.  

 "It's nice to see our newer/ younger swimmers dropping time and stepping up to grab points.  It really raises the team's spirit" said Captain Autumn Sutton.  

A few of those races were the 200 freestyle, when Clair Warren (Freshman) dropped 18 seconds to take 1st.  Then the 100 backstroke where all 3 Tigers(Hanna Wood, Claire Warren, Kristin Nika) dropped time for a new PR’s, and took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in that race.

The girls have been working really hard, and I’m extremely proud of them.  Great Job Girls!!


New Season Personal Records

  Claire Warren

  Cheyenne Wicks

  Kristin Nika

  Rileigh Miller

  Autumn Sutton

  Hanna Wood

  Ellie Laurie

  Isabella Langmaid


200 Medley Relay - 1st-(Hanna Wood, Emma Joslyn, Autumn Sutton, Sophia Wanless)  3rd-(Kristin Nika, Cheyenne Wicks, Ellie Laurie, Isabella Langmaid)

200 Freestyle - 1st-(Claire Warren) 2nd-(Sophia Wanless) 3rd-(Camryn Nugent)

200 IM - 1st-(Emma Joslyn)  2nd-(Cheyenne Wicks)

50 Freestyle - 1st-(Autumn Sutton)  4th-(Ellie Laurie)  5th-(Rileigh Miller)

1 Meter Diving 2nd-(Isabella Langmaid)

100 Butterfly - 1st-(Autumn Sutton)  3rd-(Rileigh Miller)

100 Freestyle - 1st-(Hanna Wood)  3rd-(Ellie Laurie)  5th-(Isabella Langmaid)

500 Freestyle - 1st-(Sophia Wanless)  3rd-(Camryn Nugent)

200 Freestyle Relay - 2nd-(Claire Warren, Ellie Laurie, Cheyenne Wicks, Camryn Nugent)  3rd-(Isabella Langmaid, Kristin Nika, Lily Lemmon, Rileigh Miller)

100 Backstroke - 1st-(Hanna Wood)  2nd-(Claire Warren)  3rd-(Kristin Nika)

100 Breaststroke - 1st-(Emma Joslyn)  2nd-(Cheyenne Wicks)

400 Freestyle Relay - 1st-(Sophia Wanless, Hanna Wood, Autumn Sutton, Emma Joslyn)