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Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!


Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!

Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!

Friday 4/16/2021 @ 6:00 PM
(A) vs Millington HS
Girls Varsity Soccer

Caro High School 1
Millington HS 0

The Caro Tigers were heading to Millington for their third away game in a row. Again, the visiting team had only 11 players without any sub but determined to fight for this game.

Once on the Millington premises, the hosting team showed up with 22 players (double our count) and the coach kept reassuring his team that "it's not quantity but rather quality that matters". The coach had to be creative in the lineup and positions to face the hosts as the game plan was to strike first and secure the defensive zone.

Fair enough, as soon as the referees signaled the start of the first half, the visitors from Caro set the tone by controlling the midfield led by Captain and Junior Olivia Walker. Several breakaways were created by Junior and right winger Lexie Johnson who really threatened their defense with her shots and crosses. The solid Caro defensive crew, consisting of Junior Amanda Rhodes, Sophomore Abby Beecher, Stopper and Sophomore Lily Lemmon and sweeper and Sophomore Kassie Clish, kept several Millington attempts away from their goalie, Captain and Senior Cheyenne Bearden. The ball was controlled mostly in midfield assisted by freshmen Alexis Nesbitt and Madison Olar who kept pressing the ball carriers and delivered passes to both wingers including left winger Molina Dewald who almost scored on a sprinting breakaway.

Then, the play was built in the middle of the field by Captain Walker who passed it to Captain and Senior Katie Scharrer who delivered an amazing smart pass to right winger Johnson who with a breakaway surprised the Millington goalie with a low shot to score the first goal for her team. With a 1-0 lead, the Caro team kept creating several opportunities to score but without any result, thanks to their goalie Captain Bearden who made 6 saves during this half.

First half was dominated by the visitors and the coach had a feeling the hosts will come back strong in the second half to attempt to equalize the score. Therefore, the Caro coach had to make some adjustments and realignment of his players to be prepared for the possibly intense second part of the game.

Fair enough, the Millington team was determined to make a difference in the game by pressing on the Caro defensive lineup which changed obviously to allow for energy optimization and create confusion in the opponents with players marking.

Captain Scharrer had a chance to score on a breakaway but saw her shot cruise above the crossbar. More adjustments of players positions were needed by the Caro coach to contain the determined Millington forward players who were "hungry" to score at least once. However, the talented goalie from Caro, Captain Bearden, saved about 4 critical key shots to keep her team safe from a tie. On the final whistle, the Caro Tigers took away another win home for their third win in a row. Now, they are 3-0 so far this season. This team has character and every player is a fighter as there is definitely a sense of family and team spirit among the players.

The MVP award/trophy was presented to the Caro goal keeper, Captain and Senior, Cheyenne Bearden who did not allow any goal in her net for her first shutout of the season.

Next game is at home in Caro on Thursday, April 22 hosting CPAC at 5:30 pm at the Caro Soccer Club field (former AYSO field).



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