Caro High school athletics

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Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!

Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!

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Game Summary

1 year ago by KARIM AMELLAL

CARO 1 - USA 4 (1-1; 0-3)

Game Date
Sep 8, 2020

It was refreshing to hear the good news to allow the games to start after weeks of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. The Caro Tigers were eager to face their first opponents at the USA real estate location under a fall cool weather favoring the soccer game and the players (not too cold, not too hot).

The first half started with both sides analyzing each other but definitely the hosts from USA were dominating every aspect of the game during the first 10 minutes. Without notice, Captain, Junior and Sweeper Josiah Anderson passed a long ball to the forward location where Captain, Senior and center forward A. Pierce intercepted the ball to trick the defenders and surprise their goalie with an accurate shot on goal to beat the talented goalie. Pierce scored the first goal of the season for his team with an assist from Anderson. USA players were under shock as they didn't expect such a great goal and 1-0 lead from the visitors.

The tone has changed and the hosts were now playing more carefully and the anxiety settled in their minds by making inaccurate passes and missing shots from far.

Then, on a breakaway by their center forward the ball reached the sweeper Anderson who missed the ball by attempting to clear it and gave a golden platen gift to his opponent who didn't miss the opportunity to tie the game for his hosting team. Now both teams are trying to take control of the game but can only settled for a tie after the first half.

The coach was pleased with the first half and his team's performance despite the mishap by the defender. Second half started with uncertainty from both sides. Again, the USA team kept pressuring the Tigers defensive lineup but poor marking and allowing the opponents to shoot caught up with the Caro team as the hosts were the first to take the lead in the second half. The USA team added another 2 goals to end the game with a 4-1 win.

Overall, the Tigers delivered a decent game, especially during the first half and are becoming very competitive vs the USA team as opposed to the past performance.

The MVP award was presented to Sophomore and left defender Ethan Fellows who played a perfect game by marking and stopping various breakaway attempts by his opponents.

Next game will be home vs. the CPAC team at 5:30 pm.