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Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!


Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!

Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!

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Game Summary

1 year ago by KARIM AMELLAL

Caro Girls Varsity Soccer Team Falls to Garber HS School 0-8 (0-3, 0-5)

Game Date
May 6, 2019

Mother nature is still not showing signs of upcoming warm weather in this region with some rain earlier in the day and witnessing some temperature drop after that. At least by 7 pm the weather cleared up for the game to start in dry conditions.

The Tigers were hosting the talented team from Garber with close to 20 players on the roster as compared to the host team with only 13 players which included 2 injured players who decided to still face the challenging visitors from Garber.

For the first 14 minutes, the score was still 0-0 as the Garber team was controlling the whole field with some great passing, constant movement with great positioning and ball control. It was obvious the Tigers were dominated but the hosts were fighting every ball possession and stopping several shots on goal. Goal keeper Talena Pifer was very consistent with her talent as she made several key saves to keep her team in the game. Even the Garber coach made great comments about her and congratulated in many occasions when the Garber forwards were frustrated with clear chances to score. It was a matter of time to have the scoring machine from Garber to capitalize on some poor marking of their forward players who surprised the Tigers goalie 3 times in the first half which was a great surprise to the Caro team coaching staff since their players put up a fight to contain the hosting team to only 3 goals. That's a great improvement from last year as the Caro Tigers didn't even make it to the second half and ended up with a high score in the first half against the same team in the previous season. This is a great improvement in Caro and even the Garber coaching staff noticed it and mentioned the same thing.

The half time speech was obviously all about making sure that the Garber key players were marked closely and try to contain them by limiting the shots on goal. The players were encouraged by the coaches and kept insisting that it was a good chance for them to elevate their game against a very good team.

Second half started with the same dynamics from the visitors with complete domination although the hosting team was putting up a good fight with some rare plays on their end. Goal after goal, the Garber team added another 5 goals and ended the game with only 11 minutes left to the game with a 0-8 loss for the hosts. The Caro goalie and Junior Talena Pifer ended up with an amazing 33 saves!

The game MVP trophy was presented to Senior and Stopper Marisol Reyes for her determination to closely mark their dangerous forward player and blocked several of  their threatening shots. She was able to keep up with their forwards and limit the damage to her team.

Next game is away at Lakers tomorrow Tuesday May 7th at 5:30 pm with the bus leaving at 4:00 pm from Caro HS.


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