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Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!


Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!

Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

1 year ago by KARIM AMELLAL

The CARO Girls Varsity Soccer team Beat USA HS School 1-0

Game Date
May 3, 2019

Under an indecisive sky with some sunny breaks, Spring is still taking its sweet time to show up in our region. After a fun picture session performed around 4 pm by Kelly Phipps, the professional photographer of the Tigers team, the visitors from USA started to show up slowly to the field.

Statistically speaking based on the discussion between coaches from both sides, the team from USA had a better chance to win this game. The Tigers' coaching staff warned their players about the challenge they will be facing playing against the visitors who had a better record than the Tigers.

Although the Caro team had only one sub, the game started with a clear domination by the Tigers. Chances were created at various instances but the skilled, fast and talented USA defenders stopped any threat or attempt the Tigers tried to initiate and capitalize. The first half was fought in the center midfield real estate and both sides were playing a careful defensive game in order not to allow the first goal. The Tigers defensive crew orchestrated an amazing communication with their goalie to put a stop to their hopeful breakaways. You can feel the frustration being built on the opposing team as they seem to run out of options thanks to the great defensive game by the hosting team. Then, one Caro player could not sustain the pain of her injury and had to retreat to the bench. At that point, the Tigers team had no subs at all and the coaching staff had to use every strategy to contain this hungry visiting team from USA. With some adjustments of the lineup to secure the headquarters of the Caro's goalie, the Tigers' machine seem to work better at containing the USA team. First half ended with a 0-0 draw and sent both teams to rethink their strategy to turn things around.

The Caro coaching staff insisted and reminded their team that the players have to go back to basics in order to avoid easy mistakes and easy goals like in the previous games. Also they reminded the players to remain patient before thinking of pressing up front and try to score and leave the defense vulnerable. Fair enough, the same lineup rewarded the hosting team as the visitors were getting more and more frustrated. One USA player got a yellow card after a reckless play against a Caro defender, Lydia Chapelo, who could have been seriously injured and taken out of the season. Then, with only 10 minutes left to the game, the coaching staff decided to switch around a defender, Olivia Walker, and a center midfield player, Lexie Johnson. The dynamic of the game changed all of the sudden as ball possession increased on the Caro side and created more chances by pressing up front and keeping the ball in their zone. With only 3 minutes and 39 seconds left in the game, a ball was cleared by a USA defender who found Freshman Deziree Hughes who did not hesitate to shoot towards the bottom right corner of their goalie making it the only goal for her team! It was such an excitement for Deziree as she scored her first goal ever and such a devastating event for the visitors with only a few minutes left to the game. By this time, the visitors started to press and try to equalize the outcome of the game but in vain. The score remained unchanged as the Tigers stopped, cleared and vanished every opportunity the USA's forward machine had to tie the game. After the final whistle, the Tigers rushed in harmony and unison to congratulate their teammate Deziree who changed the outcome of this indecisive game to a third win of the season for the team. Goaltender, Junior and Captain Talena Pifer made 22 saves and ended up with her second shutout of the season.

The game MVP award was obviously presented to Freshman and forward player Deziree Hughes who not only played an awesome game but scored the winning goal of the game for her team's 1-0 victory.

Next game will be at home in Caro on Monday May 6th at 7:00 pm against the opposing team from Garber.









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