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Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!


Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!

Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!

Tuesday 4/27/2021 @ 5:30 PM
(H) vs Harbor Beach Community School
Girls Varsity Soccer

Caro High School 3
Harbor Beach Community School 1

The Caro Tigers were hosting the visiting team from Harbor Beach on a summer like temperature reaching 78F.

The host team was prepared with coach's instructions to strike first with a dangerous forward lineup consisting of Senior and Captain Katie Scharrer, Junior and Captain Olivia Walker and Junior Lexie Johnson. The trio was supported by the rest of their teammates who did an amazing job delivering the necessary passes and breakaways upfront. One of them was the fearless stopper and sophomore Lily Lemmon who kicked a decent ball which found center forward walker who didn't hesitate to convert it into the first goal, assisted by Lemmon. The team was responding well to coach's directions to win the ball and mark the opponents tightly, which resulted in less opportunities for the visitors to tie the game.

The coach decided to sub freshman and left midfielder Molina Dewald and within 10 seconds, she received a pass from left winger Johnson and decided to go for a shot towards the Harbor Beach goal keeper who did not succeed saving this amazing placement on the top right corner in the net for her first goal, assisted by Johnson.

WIth this 2-0 lead, the Caro team tried to contain the opponents but one unlucky shot surprised both the Tigers defence and the goaltender Bearden who could not stop it on time but only to witness the ball rolling in the net, closing the gap to 2-1. 

The coach had to realign the positions of the players to make sure they contain the Harbor Beach attacking crew. If not for the hard work of Sophomores Sweeper Julianna Goff and Stopper Kassie Clish, the shots delivered by the opponents would have been devastating not to mention the 8 critical saves made by goal keeper and Captain/Senior Cheyenne Bearden.

During the intermission, the coach's speech consisted of reminding his players of winning the ball, marking the players tightly and stopping any shots to protect their goalie.

Second half started with the visiting team pressing upfront attempting to tie the game but in vain. Then, the coach decided to send Sweeper Goff up front as a center forward. Captain Walker spotted right winger Johnson who delivered a golden cross to Goff who, at close range, converted it into her first goal of the season. Johnson earned her second assist during this game. Now, the Tigers were comfortable with the 2 goal lead and kept controlling the game to prevent the visitors to even come close to reduce the gap. Special mentions go to Sophomores left defender Amanda Rhodes, right defender Abby Beecher, and Junior and Captain and right midfielder Faith MacDonald who fought hard to win the ball and disturb their opponents in their comfortable plays. Freshman Alexis Nesbitt came close to score on a breakaway but her shot went wide. Similarly, Captain and Senior Katie Scharrer also came close to add another goal but her shot cruised beside the post without any outcome. Freshman Madison Olar also played a better game by making some decent passes to her teammates.

Game ended to the favor of Caro Tigers who are now 4 wins and 1 loss for the season.

The MVP trophy was awarded to both Sophomore Julianna Goff and Freshman Molina Dewald who both scored their first goals of the season.

Next game will be at home in Caro this coming Thursday, April 29 hosting the team from CAPAC at 5:30 pm.



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