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Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!


Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!

Caro High school athletics

Go Tigers!

Thursday 4/08/2021 @ 5:30 PM
(A) vs Memphis High School

Caro High School 3
Memphis High School 2

The Caro Tigers were visiting the Memphis high school as a second away game in a row. Under a threatening cloudy sky and weather predictions calling for a heavy rain, the Tigers were prepared to face the talented team from Memphis.

The referees were notified to start the game at 5 pm which left the visitors from Caro without any warm up time as it was a surprise thinking the game would start at 5:30 pm. The coach reassured his girls that they were ready no matter what and had confidence in them with only a few stretches here and there.

The same instructions were shared to the players to set the tone at the start. Fair enough, and without warning, Center midfielder, Captain and Junior Olivia Walker delivered an outstanding pass to right winger Lexie Johnson who scored the first goal for her team. Now the Caro team is pumped up and tried to control the game more and less but the hosting team seems to be fighting back and take over on certain plays and combinations to counter the visitors' offense. Despite various close misses to score by Johnson, freshman and left forward Molina Dewald and center forward Senior and Captain Katie Scharrer, the hosts kept pressing the ball carriers to gain possession again to put pressure on the Tigers' defense. That seemed to work since a shot came from outside which surprised the Caro goalie (Senior and Captain) Cheyenne Bearden to miss the save and allow the hosts to be on the score board for a 1-1 tie. That score maintained until the end of the first half and was in favor of the visitors since they were playing against the wind.

During the half time speech, the coach was pleased with the outcome and made sure the players realized and understood the little mistakes and irregularities and lack of their marking and pressure on the ball carrier. Good news was that the wind was blowing in the same direction as the Tigers.

The start of the second half was not pleasant since a Memphis player was allowed to shoot from the outside the box to surprise the Caro goalie to only see the ball cruise above her head into the net. Later on, she shared with the coach that she should have punched it to deflect the ball outside the net as rehearsed during practices. The coach is so proud of Senior Bearden as she is just learning this challenging position. Trailing with one goal (1-2), the Caro squad warriors never gave up as they kept creating opportunities upfront by winning the ball at the center midfield position giving opportunities for left forward Dewald to shine with her skills. Captain Walker retrieved and won the ball outside the Memphis defensive box for a breakaway, and smartly placed the ball on the top right corner of the net for a tie (2-2). That goal lifted the Tigers further as they kept pressing the Memphis defenders. Fair enough, on an attempt to clear the ball, a Memphis player mis-kicked the ball which ended in front of their goalie who could not secure it. Captain Scharrer passed it to her teammate and Captain Walker who scored the winning goal at close proximity. With this 1 goal lead, the coach reorganized the players' positions to secure the 3-2 win and it worked as the hosting team failed to equalize the score!  Other players worth mentioning are left midfielder and freshman Alexis Nesbitt who showed some speed and determination, right midfielder and freshman Madison Olar who patiently secured the ball to make various decent passes to her teammates, Sophomore and sweeper Julianna Goff who blocked and cleared most of the threatening balls to protect her goalie, Sophomore and right defender Abby Beecher and junior and left defender Amanda Rhodes who both ran along the lines to stop any breakaway attempts from the Memphis forward players, and finally junior Captain and stopper Faith MacDonald who accepted to be a stopper for this game to make an amazing impact for her team's win.

The Caro Tigers brought back home their second win of the season and are now 2 wins and 0 losses.

The MVP trophy was awarded to Captain and Junior Olivia Walker who, as a center midfielder, scored 2 goals with 1 assist. She was used strategically at the center forward, center midfield and sweeper positions to destabilize the opponents.

Next away game is on Friday, April 16 at Millington at 7 pm. Bus leaves at 5:30 pm from the Caro High School.



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